Beautiful Struggle: Zukushi Rabbit Mandala 4

Beautiful Struggle: Zukushi Rabbit Mandala 4

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Harumo Sato

Lumbers collected from abandoned furnitures on the street,  scrap box in the community woodshop, and untouched collection at private woodshop of a German Immigrant who passed away few years ago, and urushi, Japanese natural lacquer

Part of "Beautiful Struggle" Site-Specific Installation


Zukushi - Rabbit Mandala

The “Rabbit Mandala” aims to find a solution to the abundance of stuff we don’t much appreciate. Environmental concern has been rising, many wood products are seen in the market, promoting a more eco-conscious lifestyle. But, are brand new products with brand new materials really sustainable? I started questioning myself by seeing so much abandoned furniture on the street and big piles of scrap wood from a construction site to make new condos.

I called myself an Urban lumberjack, departing to seek for wood available in a forest of the mega city. There, I found abandoned couches on the street, scraps of wood pieces in a community woodshop, construction site, or a deceased loved one’s collection covered in the dust. It is a labor intensive process to get clean, square lumbers from those irregular shapes of scraps, ripping off sponge foam from an old couch or digging a dusy scrap box.

Rabbits are well known for their fast pace of reproduction cycle, the amount of rabbits I create are the reflection of our desire for the consumption and cycle of buy and throw away.

Do you welcome those reborn rabbits to your cozy place and break our spell of temptation for brand new products and praise for more process oriented work?