Collection: Feeling Quarantine, series by Darrah Robinson

Artist Statement 

Feeling Quarantine explores the relationships of the people closest to me and the feelings we have all been experiencing during the pandemic. The figures in my work are family, friends, the people who I am closest to. My paintings are meditations on moments that I feel and deserved more than the time they occupied in that moment. They are also a reflection of the emotion that inspired them and serve as a tool for me to process those emotions. No one is emotionally prepared for a pandemic, nor are we given tools to process it. Painting is the tool I chose to help me through. When we can’t see our loved ones face to face, we look for other ways to honor them. Painting people I am close to gives me a way to appreciate people without having to risk the spread of a deadly virus.

At the beginning of the pandemic, like many students I moved home. I finished out my education via zoom while back in my childhood home with my whole family in the same house again. This time it was different. I saw my family and home as my oasis. I was no longer a teenager itching to get out, I was a semi-adult grateful for the love and comfort my home and family provided me. They were the only people I could touch, breathe on, lay near, for a long time. When they became my subjects for this series I wanted to amplify their vibrancy and warmth. As I painted them I began to think of the people I was missing. Perhaps when I see them again, I will feel similar warmth in a new way, but until then I can only paint them.
IG: @yourlocaldarrah
This solo exhibition is an artist takeover of the gallery space from April 15 - April 30. 

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