Collection: Hard Work. Soft Fruit

Hard Work and Soft Fruit 

Ani and Maltagliati initiated a conversation with two different, yet complementary, abstract visual languages that will add to the dynamic flow of the Mission neighborhood. We are proposing a show with 10 formal pieces and a window installation with paint and 3D elements that will hang with a stream-like composition. The 3D water element will be an invite to the land within the space. The formal pieces will simulate our local farming landscape that so many San Franciscans rely on. The energetic line work and tight clusters represent our relationship with water usage, distribution from land to store and the struggles associated, including but not limited to: food shortages, wildfires, and labor rights. Other inspiration sources include storefront awnings and marquees, bus stops, wire, birds, wind and soft shadows. The city’s local iconography intertwines with the energy of the everyday people creating patterns across the tectonic shifts ever present both rural and urban. 

The exhibit as a whole will speak to the deep traditions of human stewardship and respect for land. A friendly reminder that there is no human without the land and water and no fruit stand without the human. Only one is there for convenience. 

A portion of sales from the 10 pieces will be donated to Direct Action for Farmworkers.

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