Diving IN

Saturday, December 8, 2018
 The Drawing Room 

This is the Drawing Room’s first collaborative event with Renée with the structurally observant and light sensitive painter, John Musgrove. Both artists have participated in Open Studios together and were invited to do “live painting” events with ArtSpan at the DeYoung Museum. These events are such an incredible experience for both that when conspiring ways to share their process in the Drawing Room space, the live-painting experience really seemed the perfect way to kick-off things off. John’s new body of work is playful, dynamic and is true to the notion that in life, you have to take risks and fly with grace (or your best shot) and conviction. Eyes onward and forward.
I will be working on the large drawing that I’m building throughout the space - and incorporating it around some of John’s Divers who will be diving across the walls and interacting with Renée’s mural that meanders throughout the space.
Please come by Saturday, December 8th for a live painting session and to meet the artists.