The Drawing Room has been made possible by the generosity of many supporters: donors, collectors and patrons of the arts. We need funding to host these all inclusive and conceptually appropriate events. We are creating jobs and building careers in the arts - but we need YOUR HELP. 

The Drawing Room has been working to foster opportunity for local artists, businesses and neighbors - to engage in, rejuvenate and grow more arts related experiences in your retail thoroughfares. Activating space and hosting open calls for art to local Bay Area artists gives us the opportunity to mentor high school students as members of our "Understudy Program" - making jobs for young creative movers and shakers, and exposing them to the magic that happens in these exhibitions with the many divergent communities we try to pull together, into one space. We are exposing young people to art in a way that is so desperately needed - and making them part of the process.

Help us grow and sustain this multi-faceted, community-centric rejuvenation project! Your donation will help secure space, hire people and host events that bring more art, more life and more hope back to our neighborhoods! 

We are fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which allows us to offer you tax deductions for your contributions.

If you want to donate via check please make the check out to Intersection of the Arts with The Drawing Room in the subject line. The mailing address is: 
Intersection for the Arts, 1446 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 

Thank you for helping keep the ARTS alive in San Francisco!