Future Tense ARCHIVE

Future Tense

This show is not just about right now but rather about how right now will impact the days after the election. As we look to the coming weeks and months, we don’t know what the future holds or how it will impact and solidify our connections with race, social and environment in/equities, education, healthcare, COVID and in essence our FREEDOMS. What matters to you most as an artist and touchstone to your communities and as an advocate for their sustainability?

Participating Artists: 

Alice Combs, Amy Ahlstrom, Angélica Turner, Anna Nichol Stutsman, Anthony Holdsworth, Barbara Pollak-Lewis, Beryl Landau, Entropy, Britt Henze, CLENG SUMAGAYSAY, Dayana Dimick, Elaina Acosta Ford, Fuzz E. Grant, James Forkum, Jessica Levant, Kiana Honarmand, Kristen Sard, Liz Brozell, Marsha Shaw, Renee DeCarlo, Rikki List, Sarah Delson, Shannon Glasheen, Sharon Steuer, Sophia Lee, Tachina Rudman-Young, Tammy, Zo Pollard, Todd Berman