GoFundMe: Keep the Drawing Room Alive

Beloved followers and friends of the Drawing Room, thank you for being a part of this journey. I started this campaign last year, due to the COVID pandemic and worldwide shutdown, to save the space I've built around giving exposure to artists within the neighborhood they are nestled within, connecting them with neighbors, other businesses and galleries, and happenstance discoverers. Amazingly, we made it to half our goal - which helped me keep the space secured during the darkest of times. COVID has brought many silver linings to this little art space as right now, it has never been a better time to have a storefront in a "walking" neighborhood. I've met more artists, neighbors and collectors in these past few months since re-opening, bringing incredible opportunities to me and many of the artists who've been drawn into the fold. These opportunities are small but have impact and just as we are starting to launch into bigger things, the world once again has come to a screeching halt. This time, for ME. I collided with a vehicle last Sunday, March 28th on my bike, sending me to the trauma center at SF General. The following day I had surgery to repair what I can only describe as an exploded ankle. I am so unbelievably lucky, as I suffered no other serious injuries, though am super sore and very tender in parts. I arrived home on Thursday to recover for the next MONTH. Let me be completely truthful and tell you that I did not SIP for more than 1 week last year, as I wanted to be sure my space didn’t get overrun or vandalized. I worked everyday in the studio - and got there on my bike, which is a nearly 5 mile ride each way as I live across town. My dedication to the sanctuary I built superseded my ability to stay at home and hide inside. I have ridden over 1800 miles since last March getting to/from the studio and around in general as I don’t have a car anymore. I have had no issues or incidents until a month ago when I was assaulted by a man in a Mazerati SUV coming off the Octavia ramp into the city. He charged up on me in the bike lane, going up a hill nearly running me down and then when reaching the top of the hill, he rolled down his window and threw a frozen water bottle at my face, hitting my glasses, splitting open my nose and giving my head a pretty swift tap. This was a hit and run type thing - no license plate, or ID of any sort was obtained. The case is still active and open and thankfully - he did NOT hit me square on and my helmet and glasses protected me as well. Now this.

This accident was to no real fault of either the driver or me, but rather the result of the blind spots caused by the roadblock signs across the city, that were installed last year for SIP to block off roads to cars and pedestrians. These huge signs were secured by sandbags and now, a year-ish later, those bags have disintegrated into slippery and vast puddles of loosely strewn sand across the streets. Long story short, neither the driver nor I saw one another - because of the sign, and when I saw him and tried to stop, I hit that sand and slid straight into his right front wheel - with my ankle, my body going over the hood and onto the ground in front of the car. I’m tremendously lucky, am in amazing health, apparently, and have a million guardian angels as this could be a very different tale. 

I have adapted this GFM to help keep the rent paid and the doors open these next couple of months while I recover and rely on my village to help me do so. Art is a personal experience and the magic of the Drawing Room is in discovering art that moves you in the real, made by local people who are masters of their craft and likely someone you may get to meet, hence the storefront model. I also have an amazing assistant, Nick Maltagliati whom I rely on for social media and website/admin stuff, but am now needing him to help cover the gallery more and running the show. I don’t pay him not nearly what he is worth but everything I possibly can and now I will need him more than ever. 

Please consider giving here, or better yet, go to our online store and find a piece of art that moves you and BUY IT. That is how this tiny little business, inevitably will survive. We offer in-store pickup or shipping.

Thank you in advance for the love and support - please share this widely as word of mouth is the most tool we have right now.