Hard Work & Soft Fruit

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Hard Work & Soft Fruit is a collaborative show by Zoe Ani and Nick Maltagliati. Through conversation between their distinct abstract language, Ani & Maltagliati composed 10 landscapes utilizing movement and color to bring to light the human connection to land and the various stages and obstacles to get food to our tables. The work is a bright illustration of where our food comes from, the exploration of the landscapes traversed and the various dynamics that affect the crops and thus affect us all. We hope to cast light on those doing the work in all conditions to harvest our food. All panels were handmade and painted with watercolor and gouache. 

A portion of the proceeds go towards the efforts of Direct Action for Farm Workers (@directactionforfarmworkers). Ani and Maltagliati want to bring attention to this issue as the impact of wildfires is a yearly recurrence. In addition, the pandemic is ongoing and the struggle is as real as the food on our table. They are honored to be in a position to provide mutual aid with proceeds from Hard Work & Soft Fruit.