The Drawing Room is an LLC, founded by Renée DeCarlo in the fall of 2018. In an attempt to build a business based around an art studio, in which collectors and arts patrons can have an alternative way to benefact the arts by investing in the operational expenses of the studio-gallery. By eliminating the exorbitant overhead of the space itself, this would enable both Renée and the artists she works with to get a potential "break" in the commission structure and pop up fees, and potential make more money. The idea is to provide artists a space, to do hat which the artist does, gain exposure, access to opportunity and eventually economic sustainability. 

To date, Renée has raised $45,000 which has enabled her to build and maintain the space. She is still looking to raise $30,000 - which would continue to cover operational expenses for the upcoming year, as well as to launch a new marketing campaign. The momentum thus far, since being open has been tremendous and the space and exhibitions have gotten local notoriety both in the Mission district's vibrant art community, but throughout San Francisco's art community, the art schools, and various elementary and highschool student art programs. The Annex space is an opportunity that unfolded because of the Drawing Room. Though this space is temporary, the concept behind it - an extension of the Drawing Room as a larger artist exhbition and residency program - on Mission street, is one that is currently being developed.

If you are interested in investing or contributing to the sustainability and growth of the Drawing Room, this is an incredible time to get onboard. Email Renée directly for more information. Help keep the arts, artist-owned businesses alive and thriving.