RAW: Ukrainian Art as the Language of Resilience and Freedom ARCHIVE

RAW is an art exhibition made up of purely Ukrainian artwork that seeks to showcase the raw feelings and reactions of Ukrainians in response to the Russian invasion. It is more important now than ever to amplify Ukrainian voices and culture to fight Russian propaganda that has flooded the world and spread false narratives about Ukraine, its people, and its history. The presented art collection is a portrayal of the Ukrainian spirit and the fight for freedom. The work showcases the pride and love Ukrainians have for one another and their sacred country.

It has now been over a year since the invasion, and Ukraine stands strong and continues to fight back against the Russian military which continues to send missiles at cities and terrorize citizens. Join us on May 11th at the Ginger Elliott Gallery to connect with and feel the Ukrainian spirit, fight alongside us, and embrace Ukrainian culture. We will not let Russia strip Ukraine of its independence and culture. Ukraine will win the war. 

Curated by Marina Shishkina