The Drawing Room

Not just an art studio, but a gallery as well, connected through a doorway and sharing windows across a double wide storefront space. The vision of the Drawing Room is to build community around the space, by connecting neighbors and the art curious, as well as random passersby. The Studio is predominantly used by Renée DeCarlo, within which she also teaches workshops and individual lessons about drawing. The Gallery is open to artists who reside in SF and who's work demonstrates the artist's mastery of process and aesthetic, however are underrepresented and not shown their work before. The Gallery is a place of experiment and growth, so by inviting artists who have less experience in exhibiting or creating site specific works creates a supportive and nurturing community around. To date, the Drawing Room has hosted 8 exhibitions, is a group site for Fall Open Studios, and represents non-exclusively 23 artists. Artists are encouraged to also propose installations in the Gallery windows - and access a different and tireless audience. All curatorial decisions are made by Renée and proposals and artist submissions are encouraged.