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The Drawing Room (tDR) helps change society’s perception of the value of art and artists. Our Understudy Program empowers youth... giving students the skills and practice they need to build a successful career in the arts.  We work with young artists to help them to develop their studio practice and artistic voice, while learning effective marketing and promotional strategies. We help build the tool bag that artists need to thrive as creative makers... and entrepreneurs of the future. We work with both high school and college age students, looking for experience in the arts. 
In January 2022, tDR began a partnership with SFUSD's "College and Career Readiness" program to create a learning space for students in 11th & 12th grades to work at tDR - gaining valuable work and life experience - through art. Our program gives high school students insight into an artist's professional life and career path, and exposes them to the daily operations of an art gallery and retail space, giving practical tools to students in hopes that they will follow their own creative journey into adulthood. It is our hope that these students will continue to pursue a future in the arts and help create more awareness and demand for more access to the arts in our neighborhoods, local communities and within our schools.