Women Rising Self Portraits

The following self portraits are by the participating artists in our Women Rising show for National Women's Month, March 2020. Because of the unforeseen pandemic and lockdown, there was no official opening reception to celebrate the hardworking, local women creators. The Drawing Room adapted and created a social media campaign to showcase each artists' work as well as the self portraits below. Each artist was given a 12 x 12 in. canvas to work from so that we can form a mural as shown. 

The Self Portrait Mural 


Alicia McDaniel 


Melissa Wilks 


Leah Yael Levy 




Aynur Girgin Westen 


Anna Nichol Stutsman 


Taiko Fujimura 


Jane Grimm


Ariel Gold 


Rachel Tirosh 


Denise Tarantino 


Kathleen Finney 


Sierra Lowe


Camila Fernandez 


Sarah Delson 


Michelle Mongan 


Cleng Sumagaysay 


Cindy Shih 


Anna Runnalls 


Lady Henze 


Jan Lin


Amy Ahlstrom 




Nathalie Fabri


Elizabeth Ashcroft


Barbara Pollak-Lewis


Mary Southall


Tanya Herrera


Whitney Sanford 


Maria Carmela


Soad Kader


Linda Larson


Beryl Landau


Tisha Kenny


Holly Wong


Zoe Ani


Elaina Acosta Ford


Michelle Bond


Christina Sodano


Jessica Levant


Sharon Steuer


Anne Subercaseaux


Sophia Green


Lexie Bouwsma


Emma Lundgren


Sophia Lee


Kathryn Kain


Nancy Williams Baron



Andreana Rosnik


Erin Zhao


Elizabeth McMillan


Kacy Jung


Deborah Gutof


Xinyi Zhang


Cy de Groat


Marsha Shaw 


Linda Trunzo


Tara Gonzalez