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Drawing Room SF

Wind Labyrinth

Wind Labyrinth

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Ava Grace

Wind Labyrinth

Gold Leaf on Concrete

~8 sq ft


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Enter here. Looking down you notice a loose, windy labyrinth. Labyrinths offer a singular path in and out, often making it easier for our feelings to flow. Inspired by the sound of wind, this work invites you to contemplate grief and rest at your own pace.

As more and more of us traverse the Wind Labyrinth over time, the lines will continue to erode. How could our relationship with wind and sky mimic this ritual of surrender? In the face of complex climate grief, How might listening to wind offer trickster approaches to collective change?

In her work, artist Ava Grace understands the wind as a living teacher of radical grief and rest practice. Ava gathers community around these explorations by facilitating “Listening to the Wind” mediations across San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. During these meditations, participants focus solely on the ever changing character of wind.

By bringing tender strokes, traces of wind down beneath our feet, Ava Grace creates a possibility to queer our connection to the vast sky above. In the face of White Supremacist frameworks of urgency and scarcity, she offers a moment to abundantly slow down. To learn more about their work and join a free “Listening to the Wind” session this month in San Francisco, email the artist at or follow @avagracecreate on instagram.

Special thanks to dear friends Chris and Vern for helping build this installation.

Ava Grace is a Taiwanese-American artist who grew up on Ohlone land known today as The Bay Area. Their work is multidisciplinary and investigates relationships with queerness, grief and home. In Ava’s recent mail-art project, “Dear Sticky Rice”, she focuses on the nuances AAPI face when constructing home. Ava makes art for community to dream, heal, and remember our many pasts, presents, and futures

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