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Drawing Room SF

Aysia Tiger

Aysia Tiger

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Snaps for Students 2
Grade 12, Academy @SFMcateer Snaps for the Students
Spray Paint and Watercolor on Canvas
41 x 30
$50 each

As a student, I walk around carrying knowledge as it is what keeps me from failing. We all carry the weight of our past as it is what holds the key to who we will become. Not able to see what we all walk around dragging as our narrative becomes something we will soon project through our way of communicating. as mine has been projected through my art and poetry. As a student, our life becomes a road bound to our peers as we all walk alone in the community chained to what we know as our society. Whether it drags us down making it hard to keep moving forward as we sit and overthink why we can't seem to get up again to fit expectations or having to walk in the past as memories will only last for so long. As soon, a student's strength will come from within, no longer trapped in the unknowing space.

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