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Beauty Along the Edge of the Park

Beauty Along the Edge of the Park

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Tisha Kenny

Beauty Along the Edge of the Park

Chinese Pigment Watercolor

15" x 35" x 2"



“Beauty Along the Edge of the Park” was done during the first phase of the Covid 19 pandemic. The painting speaks to how the beauty of nature plays an important role in providing an “environment” to maintain and restore physical and mental health during a time when people were living “on the edge” during the pandemic.

The ocean and beach provided a much- needed “safe” environment for people to go alone or with others during the long period of Covid precautions, when everyday normal activities were greatly curtailed. It provided a larger area where safer social distancing in fresh out-door air was a god- send where people could engage with each other in a healthy space.

The ocean and its surrounding beauty help maintain a sense of balance - its sounds, ever changing high and low tides, sun rises and sun sets on its horizon, sand dunes and ice plants- provides a year round healing experience to visit, walk and take in its healthy air to support everyday life.

As the creator of the Health Through Art project in 1989, it has been very validating to know how many people have found my art as a source of healing and calm for them. “Marrying” my health -care background and art has been an inspiration for myself to use creativity as part of my own healing, as well as finding gratification in the role it has served for others.

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