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Drawing Room SF

My Inner Self

My Inner Self

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Cameron Bunting
My Inner Self
Includes three process photos plus actual cyanotype framed, plus prism and small shelf
4ft H, Dimensions vary
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This piece was created in order to show the power of the sun. In the first picture you can see a drum cymbal stand with clamps holding a prism in place. Sunlight passed through the prism which revealed the visible spectrum of light, seen in the second picture, which appeared on a piece of cyano type paper lying on the ground in the shade. Over time, the ultra-violet rays, which are invisible and are next to the visible violet color, created a mark on the paper. The result is seen in the next photo and the framed cyanotype paper. I saw this as a reflection of identity and what I see of my self in the world. Despite our physical presence and appearance appearance, it's our actions and spirit that are the true symbol of who we are.

Cameron Bunting is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in the East Bay of California. Camerons work takes inspiration from the California landscape around him, while involving themes of repetition, time and process which emulate a meditative element that is experienced in the process of creating the work. Cameron chooses to have strict parameters in his process of making which results in his work displaying a slow evolution from an origin that helps guide the making of each piece to its end.

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