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Drawing Room SF



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Rachel Leibman


Tapestry of computer cable wires wrapped with 28 gauge wire

22" x 14"




I’ve long been enthralled by textile art but during the pandemic it took on special importance for me. As systems and structures began to unravel, I often found myself at the precipice of panic. Sewing, dyeing and weaving was my calming meditation. Doing what so many had done before me, through every high and low point in history, grounded me and gave me hope for the continuity of the human race.


I view textile art as a through line, connecting past, present, and future. My work pays homage to the fiber art of our forebears but does not attempt to replicate it. It is made for and of our times, employing surprising materials such as watch parts, computer cables, glass pipettes, safety pins and more. I use these objects to shape, and even mend, the frayed stories of life.

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