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Drawing Room SF

Deji Lasi

Deji Lasi

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Deji Lasi
Grade 12, Ruth Asawa School of the Arts (SOTA)
Untitled Cowlick Issue #2 Comic
Mixed media
12" x 9"

This piece is an abstract comic featured in “Cowlick Comics #2” published by Deacrow Publishing. Within my work, many mediums are used to create the final image; almost always painting and drawing but often in combination with real life images scanned until abstracted. Born from a zine obsession, the high contrast, grain heavy imagery presents my work in a fog, behind a barrier. This disconnect is further emphasized by the fragmented nature of my compositions. Oftentimes the images are placed together in tiles. On occasion multiple works will be cut and pasted together to create an entirely new disjointed composition. My process for creating work involves a constant in and out between digital and physical spaces. Much of my work is also influenced by murals, graffiti, and sign painting. Graffiti is a constant point of reference. It is because of graffiti that conversations of legibility are central to my work. Frequently I'll create images with short but wide aspect ratios in reference to large scale signage, billboards, and graffiti lettering.

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