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Drawing Room SF

Ella Plotinsky

Ella Plotinsky

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Ella Plotinsky (she her)
Grade 11, Convent
Play with your food
Acrylic and oil on canvas
Pink Avocado: 11x17, Fried Egg Flowers: 8x11, Lemon Sun: 5x7
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My triptych, Play with your food, comes from the concept that breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries isn't always a bad thing. Being a teenager means making mistakes, but it also means a lot of learning. These pieces represent how breaking the rules (making an avocado pink) is something that can actually be beautiful. I used complimentary colors to create unison and rhythm throughout the piece. This cohesion was then disrupted by the choice to turn different foods into unique colors, objects and other foods. My intention behind this was to provoke thought and encourage creativity as well as disrupt the boxes that humans try to put everything in. I love to push the walls of definitions and I think that art is how those fictional ideas can become realities. Also, each piece represents a part of my life that I love or that reminds me of someone I love. My late grandfather made the best fried eggs. I love putting avocado on everything (and pink is my favorite color), and I love sunny days and putting lemon in my water. The pop art style that inspired the color scheme and visual simplicity of the works, allows for both the ideas behind the art and the physical art to coexist. Nothing is too busy that you can’t understand what is going on visually, but at the same time the human brain is conceptually questioning the pieces.
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