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Feather Pin III by Kathleen Kelley, Artisan

Feather Pin III by Kathleen Kelley, Artisan

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Kathleen Kelley

Feather Pin

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Artist Statement:

I am an Interior Designer by training and spent four  decades collaborating on Corporate and University projects primarily focused on science, technology and the research and cure of disease. My father was a physician and my mother was a nurse. They were a team and their values are also mine. I saw the world through designer eyes, married an architect and found in later years another path to create beauty.  I see my work as a human connection of experience, travel,  and all that makes us human through color and materials.  

I have been fortunate to find venues to show my artisan work at the SF Opera Shop, the DeYoung Museum, and various philanthropic organizations that support the arts such as the SF Symphony, SF Boys Chorus and the Community Music Center.


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