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Drawing Room SF



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Bussie Parker Kehoe

12" x 12"

Old latex house paint (2 cans from the Drawing Room storage!) on vinyl sheeting


Since 2020, I have committed to using found or collected items in my art practice—trying to elevate ubiquitous and often-discarded items while keeping them out of landfills.

 Currently, I work with old latex house paint. I pour the paint onto glass, let the puddles dry, then sculpt with the dried paint peels. I love transforming the unwanted into something beautiful, mysterious and natural looking. There is something slightly subversive in using latex house paint—which contains large amounts of plastic—to make something organic and natural looking.

 For my mushrooms installation, I hand built a backdrop of Cerrena fungi in shades of white to invite the viewer to focus on form, shadow and texture rather than color. The substrate is flexible vinyl—which latex sticks to without needing any adhesive. Vinyl also allowed me to drape the mushrooms like fabric, a nod to the fact that my site used to be a dressing room.

 I often think of the poem Mushrooms when I assemble my old house paint peels in an organic and minimalist way, each supporting the rest. The monochromatic repetition is intended to capture both the quiet simplicity of this poem as well as its depiction of the gathering and rising up of the oppressed.


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