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Mylar Reveries: Rivulets

Mylar Reveries: Rivulets

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Denise Laws

16" x 16" x 1.5" 


 Mixed Media Collage, various brands, and remnants of upcycled airtight pouches/tea bag packaging; adhered with archival adhesive on wood panels, UV satin seal finish.

 I have been amassing a sizable collection of metallic single-use packaging for approximately eight years, a collated process from personal use and community participation. With this ongoing series, Mylar Reveries conjured, despite the medium's limitations, continuously evolving into limitless material-driven collages. While some artists work in precious metals and gold leaf, the remnants of our current disposable consumer culture have become my silver leaf.

 I am inspired to rescue the predestined discard of mass-produced foil-lined packaging, such as Tetra-Pak, candy wrappers, sealed tea and coffee pouches, and mylar snack bags.

 The surface is essential; fusing texture with emotional dialog navigates my decisions. I indulged in a journey allowing and realizing an image, motif, or landscape, and I go with what resonates. My approach is meditative, methodical, and highly repetitive, creating organic shapes, forms, and patterns.

 "Mylar Reveries" is awakening and relocating the discarded and predestined. I strive to elevate what has been discarded through arrangement and revealing hidden beauty. Everyday cast-offs are re-cast and combined into shimmering motifs and topographies, mimicking the agility of nature. The detritus that winds up in our landfill inform this body of work. Refocusing through a different lens and filtering what we acquire, consume and toss away.

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