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Drawing Room SF

Nicolas Muzzatti

Nicolas Muzzatti

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Nicolas Muzzatti
Grade 10, Archbishop Riordan High School
Edvard Munch Study: My Rendition of The dance of Life, My rendition of Lady in Bright Green Chair
Acrylic on paper
19" x 25" framed
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I saw the 2017 exhibit of Edvard Munch, “Between the Clock and the Bed” at the SFMoMa. I was instantly captivated by Munch’s use of bright colors and expressing feelings and movement within those colors. I began to research his artwork and felt inspired by his art. My rendition of the Dance of Life tries to express the feelings and process that comes with human life. In life, there is happiness and sadness, there is companionship and loneliness, and there is a beginning with love and youth and there is an end with age and death.

I have always admired Pablo Picasso’s artwork and his way of creating a sense of space and using different geometric shapes to represent people and objects. In my rendition of "The Lady in the Striped Green Chair," I tried to express Picasso’s style using a distorted perspective while capturing somewhat realistic features of the woman sitting holding her book. The use of bright colors also helps give depth to the subject.

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