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Drawing Room SF

Please Hold On...

Please Hold On...

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Please Hold On

Renée DeCarlo
Ink, wax, paper on wood panel
36" x 24" x 2"
$850 each

"Please Hold On": a series of maps

I have always used drawing to document my own or others' physical experiences through time and space, such as riding passenger in a plane, car or bus. Drawing is a form of cathartic play and release for me, but it also is where everything else I create, usually begins. These scribbly drawings have always been the foundation of my other works that are built from layers upon layers - propagating something new. In this body of work, I am honoring the individual drawings but also how they connect to one another to create an entire journey, not by layering but by connecting the lines to create what I consider a map of a journey.

In addition to my physical experience, what is also notable to me are the number of other people having the same physical experience. Using straight lines that emanate like rays to represent that collective yet, individual population of mostly strangers forced together in a shared experience. Individually, each drawing is interesting but when assembled together where the lines connect to one another, the drawings take on a new life. Gilding has also become a part of these works and reflects on the value of the journey, those we share it with and what we take from it.

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