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Portals to the Heavens 3

Portals to the Heavens 3

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Jane Dulay

Portals to the Heavens - 3 Cylindrical kite-like paintings

Acrylic on Arches archival paper with reed reinforcement

Squid kite and tail

1. 38 in x 13.5 in diameter

2. 40 in x 13 in diameter

3. 42 in x 11 in diameter


$1600 each

On the edge of apocalyptic disaster with global climate changes, extreme temperatures, rising water levels, floods, droughts, earthquakes, fires, endangered sea and land life, diminishing land resources, who will survive? What can we do to continue as a species? A comical pun on the cloud as technology informs our future, the artist's affection for swimmers and cyclists as means of escape and hope for solutions via urban and natural landscapes as skylanes to portals to the heavens.

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