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Drawing Room SF

Record 1

Record 1

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Danielle Galante
Record 1
Oil on Canvas
66" x 72"

The Human Signature - 3 Records

In the last 200 years, human civilization has had a marked impact on our terrestrial and even celestial environment. As our population increased and consumption has grown, we have devastated the landscape through extraction of natural resources, sprawling inhabitation and with monuments of waste.

As awareness of this ruination has become more acute, many turn their gaze upward to imagine a future elsewhere. If we look with the naked eye, we see a new destination, seemingly unmarred by our existence. The possibilities abound. However, with different lenses, both micro and macro, pollution particles and space debris come into focus. We can track the elevated trajectory of human detritus as it joins the movement of celestial bodies.

What if the sky kept a more tenable and static visual record of natural and manmade airborne events? Would humankind continue on its current trajectory, mindlessly annexing and littering its new frontier?

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