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Drawing Room SF

"SF" Block Print

"SF" Block Print

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SF Block Print

Quincy Fong-Adams
11th Grade
Abraham Lincoln
“SF” Block Print
20" x 16"
$50 framed

My piece is a print carved from a linoleum block. I’ve been seeing a lot of tourists romanticizing San Francisco on social media which, growing up here, I didn’t feel like I understood. When I look at the city streets, I see them for what lies underneath: corrupt politicians, overpriced living essentials, homelessness, drug abuse etc. I've always wished I could see the city through the eyes of a tourist and appreciate its beauty without bias. So I incorporated the main attraction of San Francisco, the golden gate bridge, into a symbol that is easily recognizable and represents the city. My piece appreciates the beauty of the city and represents my pride in living here, even though it may not always show.

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