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Drawing Room SF

SF Quickcrete

SF Quickcrete

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Renee DeCarlo
Temperered Glass & Birdseed

SF Quickrete: a recipe for stabilizing your storefront space

You will need:

Access to public walkway or entryway to a storefront space

Add equal parts:

  1. “SF Sand” (aka: broken glass)
  2. Bird/rat seed (organic material and nourishment for #3. 
  3. Human and animal detritus and excrement - these will provide necessary binding agents
  4. Abundance of cleaning supplies, brooms, masks, gloves and other PPP equipment for cleaning up feces, urine and other hazardous waste (these are simply for your own safety but not required to make a fresh batch of  “SF Quickrete”)
  5. Sweat equity by all staff and family members of your business - to maintain a safe and hazard-free entry to your storefront
  6. Luck, patience, and perseverance - whatever quantities of this you can muster. Daily. 

Mix equal parts until thoroughly combined. You can apply this to any storefront, sidewalk, public parklet or pathway to ensure stability for your business. Good luck!! 

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