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Drawing Room SF

The Shape of the Sky

The Shape of the Sky

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Suzanne Baxter
The Shape of the Sky
Acrylic Paint


The Shape of the Sky highlights the imperceptible, basic truth of the sky - its structure, its repeat patterns and composition. By intersecting science with art, it brings awareness to both the molecular makeup and the beauty of the air we breathe.

Born in Wichita, Kansas, and now based in San Francisco, California, Suzanne has a varied background that includes degrees in Graphic Design, Finance, and Economics. Her lifelong relationships with both visual art and numbers have led her to create beautiful abstract paintings that she describes as a meeting of the minds, where the left brain and the right brain find common ground.

After years in the corporate world, Suzanne finally listened to everyone around her and began selling her doodles. In 2019, she stopped calling them doodles (well, mostly). And now she has built a studio by drawing on everything she can find.

Suzanne has painted murals in Los Angeles and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in spaces such as Gap's global headquarters in San Francisco, Old Navy’s global headquarters in Mission Bay, Marin Country Mart, Union Square and Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley.


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