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Drawing Room SF

The Hannah Portrait

The Hannah Portrait

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Elizabeth Scarborough

The Hannah Portrait

Oil on panel

18" x 18" x 2"



I’ve always found life kaleidoscopic — a bombardment of images and meanings from disparate sources presented simultaneously to a single observer. My art captures that sensation, deconstructing the images from their sources and creating a new narrative in a singular dimension, resolving the complex, interrelated worlds with intersecting lines, color palette and figurative placement. My style is magical, with influences from photo realism to film noir to Escher — representational art on the verge of entering a broader plane. Each of these small works presents a “play of life”, the narrative poised to move, the observer encouraged to set the work in motion. With that motion, the observer becomes part of the piece, no continuation being the same; becomes part of the kaleidoscopic vision I see as I envision the creation of the piece. Art, artist and observer all join together to engender an emotional response based on each of their own uncertain places in the world.

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