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Drawing Room SF

The One Who Knows

The One Who Knows

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Carolynn A Haydu

The One Who Knows

Mixed media: graphite, watercolor, collage on paper

56" x 48" x 2"



On March 16th 2020, Chez Panisse, the restaurant where I had been employed, closed in

adherence of the Covid imposed lockdown. Chez Panisse is still not open for service. We employees had no idea what the next 2 years had in store. Into that vacuum of knowledge rushed a sense of impending doom. A few months later I began a series if portraits of my coworkers. I wanted to portray them as powerful creatures set within a triumphant narrative. It

was my way of wishing them well. The images were my version of a love letter to folks in the restaurant industry: an industry forever altered by this pandemic.

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