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Drawing Room SF

The Paperback Metaverse

The Paperback Metaverse

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Imaginary Foundation

1400 Up-cycled Books (made possible by Community Thrift 1 block from 780 Valencia); Velcro and modified sign poles for mounting; Giclee printed covers. NFT’s activated by Artivive Augmented Reality software.

Site-specific :16.5 ft x 11 ft x 8 ft

Individual Books $50 each including bamboo easel


 This installation uses the forgotten pages of yesterday’s novels to tell a collection of stories for tomorrow’s shifting reality., By contrasting an environment built from hundreds of upcycled paperback novels with a dynamic layer of augmented reality, the Paperback Metaverse fuses the physical, the virtual, and the sculptural. As the way we consume shifts from atoms to bytes, how we adapt to this transition will define our impact on the land and environment at large.

 According to Google, 129,864,880 Books exist in the World.…

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