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Drawing Room SF

Prophecy TV

Prophecy TV

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Todd Berman
Prophecy TV
Interactive crowd-sourced acrylic and crowd-sourced mixed media on canvas scroll with Crankie ""TV"" set
2007 - present
(price includes an additional ""episode"" that incorporates your drawings of the future)"

The Prophecy TV is a crowd-sourced art project that began in 2007 to collectively design the future. People in bars, at events, in high schools, and at Burning Man were asked to imagine an awesome future, and then to draw a picture of something in that future. These drawings were collaged into scenes together on 18" tall, 10' long scrolls of canvas and are viewed using the wooden Prophecy TV set.

Turn the wooden knobs to play or rewind the TV set to see more of what that the future will bring.

 Find color pencils and clipboard full of worksheets on the neighboring pedestal. Follow the instructions to draw your ideas for a wonderful future. Your drawings will be collaged into the next episode of the Prophecy TV.

 Thank you for helping to create a better future.

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