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Drawing Room SF

Unlikely Coalition

Unlikely Coalition

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Maddi Minicozzi

Unlikely Coalition


33" x 20.5" X 18"


$650 (each)

$1,000 (set)

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Inspired by the concept of unlikely coalitions, these chairs represent the intersection of utilitarianism and intended use versus re-imagination and inspired use.

I come from a family of Italian immigrants with many older relatives who grew up during the Great Depression era. Having the oldest people in my family grow up during this era created a string of people very conscious of things.

I have vivid memories of being at my great grandparents house and noticing how they would repair broken items or use them for other purposes. From old coffee cans filled with pencils to low stools made from broken chairs, it was ingrained in me that things matter and preserving them was key. This history with used goods has guided my work and overall approach to design. Beyond familial ties this work has environmental implications; within our lives we will interact with millions of objects, but in most of these interactions we will fail to consider their lifespans.

These grocery cart chairs communicate a cross-section of two objects which many have interacted with. This interaction usually occurring in separate settings and not simultaneously. They carry the same spirit that has been in my family for decades: seeing the possibility and alternate use for the items we interact with every day.

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