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Drawing Room SF



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Isaac Jasper Amala & Liz Simpson-Chin
Found & donated neckties, embroidery thread, mirror
Variable dimensions

WORMHOLE is an immersive, site-specific installation of thousands of sewn, donated neckties and two mirrors. A wormhole is a theoretical, dark and mysterious tunnel in the heavens, bridging two distinct points in space. This threshold realm is simultaneously interior and exterior, a hole of energy that somehow perforates the vacuum of the cosmos. This place is a paradox: that which is exterior appears to be as infinite as the sky, but is in fact marked by the outer perimeter of time beyond our perception; that which is interior, seems limited by the cave walls of our bodies, but is in fact a rich and expansive space without limits. WORMHOLE asks us to identify this illusion, and to situate yourself in the center -  at the level of the individual heart and mind, and at a global level. Our prolific use of resources, and the path to either our survival or extinction, is represented by thousands of neckties covering the space - offering an illustration of unregulated consumption and the aggressive commodification of finite resources, as well as the boundless potential of how our combined efforts can be united to change our fate.

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