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Drawing Room SF

Xara Alexander

Xara Alexander

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Xara Alexander (she/they)
Grade 12, Abraham Lincoln High School
untitled 1-4
Plastic milk jug, copper wire, hot glue
5 x 7.5 x 8
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Hand selected curvilinear sections of jug with the same flow and weight as real hands. The viewer can perceive the absence of the phone, highlighting their constant phone usage/consumption. The material, being plastic, is symbolic of consumerism.

 This work went under a lot of revision. Initially the model that I printed was in a different bottle. I wound up simplifying the sculpture by blow drying a smaller bottle to the surface of the figure. 

I wanted to play with the imagery/texture of circuits/tech/plastic, because I think they are really interesting materials. The structure is meant to imitate an old mac, and acts as a womb for the 3D printed fetus. 

Leading up to this artwork, I did a lot of sketching, imitating the art style of an artist online who inspires me (@celluleneuronale on deviantart). The idea behind this piece was feeling like technology constantly surrounds me.

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