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You Are a Water Healer

You Are a Water Healer

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You Are A Water Healer

CreatingAS1: Sara Corbett & Aaron Haldiman

Eureka medium-density fibreboard (MDF) made from post-harvest rice straw with no added formaldehyde, a sustainable alternative to wood MDF


The intention behind the piece of art was for people to see themselves as water and as contributors to water restoration. It feels like people often talk about drought, floods, deforestation, desertification, and dwindling water resources as if it is happening to them and they are merely a passive victim. However human actions are contributing to all of these factors.

In turn, we can facilitate the regeneration of the water cycle and bring about healing to this planet. Our hope was for people to see that they can actively participate in shifting this planet from a water death spiral to an abundant and regenerative water system.

If people can see themselves in the artwork, maybe they can imagine themselves as water healers, and then be inspired to take action consistent with being a water healer. Perhaps they will make choices accordingly, put in effort to create sustainable water solutions, learn more about water regeneration, or support those who are diligently creating water abundance.

Not only might you see yourself in the mirror at the center of the piece that looks like a drop of water, but you might see the hand holding the trees as your hand. We purposely used a range of skin tones for the four hands to hopefully create an experience of representation and hope people see themselves in the piece, and thus the process of water.

Learn more about the water cycle here:

Price: $20,000 as a whole hanging piece or $10,000 per side (front/back not left/right) as a wall mounted piece

We are proud and pleased to share 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the artwork with The Drawing Room Annex. We appreciate their time, energy, and passion to make this gallery possible. We deeply respect their commitment to art and culture, as well as their focus on issues such as climate change, our relationship to the planet, and women's rights.

Please share your photos!

We have been delighted to see how people see themselves within the artwork. The photos and videos you take are an extension of the artwork, an form of interaction and giving it life. Please share your photos on Instagram and tag



Artist Statement

CreatingAS1 came to life through Aaron Haldiman and Sara Corbett. Our name has multiple layers of meaning. The two of us are uniting as one to create art. We are creating and developing ourselves as individuals and a partnership in the process. We also see our artwork as an empowering collaborative effort that requires and positively impacts others. We are all interconnected and through art we can inspire and transform the world. Together we are creating as one.

The purpose of CreatingAS1 is to contribute to a loving, regenerative, healing, healthy way of life - on a personal and global level. We produce art that honors and depicts a culture where the activities of humanity shift towards regeneration, resilience, and beyond. Humans are capable of living in ways that support the earth’s interconnected ecosystems such that each person, community, and nature as a whole can thrive.

Art can be engaging, evocative, and help people imagine or experience a beautiful existence, which can then motivate them to take actions consistent with producing that vision. Art can be emotionally influential similarly to how stories touch people in a way that facts alone sometimes do not. We are passionate and we see art as a powerful tool to make a difference.


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