To engage, inspire and bridge communities through the making and sharing of art through activated storefront space; ultimately fostering new opportunities for growth. 


The Drawing Room is a physical place of connection through art and the making of it; a conduit between artist and audience. Situated in a storefront space, studio and gallery sit side by side to give an inside/outside perspective of the artist’s process, and how engagement with the public can influence and inspire their work. Connecting to the surrounding community through art, in this way creates a hub of individual and collective histories to improve the overall human condition.


Artists need exposure for their work to grow, and artists thrive when connected to their community. By providing an accessible space to conspire, create, exhibit and share one’s work, The Drawing Room aims at being a conduit for nurturing opportunities within our communities. Adding vibrancy, celebrating diversity and fostering compassion for one another through the practice, action and business of art-making .