The Drawing Room is a project founded by artist Renée DeCarlo in which studio, storefront and event space collide. Renée is an advocate of exploring new and interesting ways for artists to develop their work and their artistic language. Art isn’t a singular activity or entity - it’s all encompassing and involves all corners of our environment through design, innovation and beauty. Renée has long-since desired for a commercial space that is nestled into an artistic and vibrant neighborhood where art and life coalesce and push one another forward.

The location of the Drawing Room and the layout of the space were very important in the plan in that the flow of workspace be separate yet connected. The “studio” side is a place to develop and create new work, teach workshops and collaborate with other artists on the ongoing Living Mural. Renée is hoping to re-define the vocabulary around drawing and inspire her visitors to think about art and drawing through a different lens.

The “gallery” side of the Drawing Room is a space in which artists can present their work professionally and with the ability to experiment with new ways of showing the work. The purpose of this and the window space is to further expose the artists who utilize this space. Engaging in art in this type of physical space and with the artist present, is important in furthering a dialogue between creator and viewer.