Into The Current

Saturday, January 11, 2020
The Drawing Room Annex 

This exhibition is a celebration of time, energy, and expertise given by amazing, local artists in pulling the Annex space together in time during the holiday season. In 10 days, the space transformed from a dark grey tunnel, covered in slatted wallboards to a beautiful, inviting space with smooth white walls and potential beyond words. In appreciation of the efforts made, these artists are each showing a small collection of pieces:

Amy Ahlstrom                  Jane Elliott
Sarah Altaires                  Shannon Glasheen
Zoe Ani                           Britt Henze
Yelena Bleiman                Linda Larson
Kelly Castro                      Nick Maltagliati
David Crook                     Shelley Monahan
Elvira Dayel                     Jessica Slaymaker
Renée DeCarlo                Rachel Znerold