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Drawing Room SF

Neutral Territory

Neutral Territory

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Bussie Parker Kehoe

Neutral Territory

Discarded house paint on rag board, framed in white contemporary frame

20” x 16” x 1”



During the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, when I isolated at home, I didn’t have access to my art supplies, which were at my studio in downtown Winston-

Salem NC. The only items I had on hand were some poured acrylic skins, leftover from an earlier project. I arranged the skins in different combinations every day,

then undid my arrangements each evening. I was so frustrated. I finally stacked the skins on top of each other and cut through the stack. I then arranged the acrylic

cross-section chips like a puzzle, which I found very soothing during the pandemic. Before moving from North Carolina to San Francisco in August 2021, I committed to

a cleaner artistic practice, to reduce my impact on the environment. Neutral Territory is made of discarded latex paint, found in rusty old cans in my home.

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