Collection: throughlines

An exhibition of Drawing Room Founder, Renée DeCarlo and her 20 year journey with drawing, process, discovery and play.

My work is what I consider to be a form of life drawing and begins in the recording of precise physical moments in time: the bumps in the road, the jostle of the bus, the turbulence in the airplane, and the chaotic patterns in which people move around me. I’m a map-maker, documentarian and translator of my own physical experience through time and space; documenting mundane and possibly repetitious moments that often go unrecognized or considered unimportant, and yet are part of collective experience that is not at all unique to me - acknowledged in my work by a line of ink. These drawings are the foundation of lines, screen printed across many surfaces and in layers with many other line drawings to form a mass of lines and spaces. With color, I find a pathway through - much like a map or a city or waterways through the landscape - these layers of lines and colors become an abstract representation of the ecosystems within a city or place where many lives and essential needs converge. San Francisco is a centrifuge of cultures, peoples, and lifestyles. There is no set pattern that this city exists within - which is why it is constantly adapting to new ways of life and inventing places and ways for us to co-exist. How we live, spend money, and exist with each other is a matrix of systems and foundations that keep things going forward. These systems, especially in San Francisco, are often disparate and detached from one another - yet affect one another. Artists are the mycelium through society, bridging generations, cultures and landscapes. We are the recorders of history, as well as the actuators of innovation and expression. I use color in my work to bring cohesion and unity - crossing the rigid boundaries of those underlying systems of lines. Color and the spaces between the lines or junctures where spaces collide is where growth and evolution happen. In my work, these intersected spaces create something new and the colors often explode - much like how new ideas and enterprises here in SF can explode and become a movement. In our landscape we live within - celebrating a confluence of new ideas, innovations and lifestyles.