For the Love of Words: the Aesthetics of Poetry

Saturday, February 2, 2019
The Drawing Room 

An evening of poetry reading with the eloquent and imaginative Carlos Suarez, Olivia Sears and Barbara Paschke.

Carlos Suarez, photographer, poet, story-teller and observer of humanity will share his beautiful poetry, as he describes the power and importance of infusing art into every corner of our lives. Argentinian by birth, Carlos has led an incredible life traveling and exploring the world. He will be reading from his published works Rivermarks and Between Rivers.

Olivia Sears, president and founder of the Center for Art and Translation. The Center is "dedicated to finding new, overlooked, and underrepresented voices, brought into English by the best translators, and to celebrating the art of translation. (Their) publications, events, and educational programming enrich the library of vital literary works, nurture and promote the work of translators, build audiences for literature in translation, and honor the incredible linguistic and cultural diversity of our schools and our world." Olivia will be reading the works of Italian poets Maria d'Arezzo and Ardengo Soffici.

Barbara Paschke has been involved in translation for many years, as both a translator and translation advocate. Her publications include Riverbed of Memory; Volcán; Clandestine Poems; New World, New Words; and literary travel companions to Costa Rica, Cuba, and Spain. Barbara will be reading her translations of Latin American poetry.

Reading will begin promptly at 4:30, and coincides with the exhibition First Impressions: work by Britt Henze and Renée DeCarlo.