In planning this exhibition, we were reminded of our first exhibition and open call for art at 780 Valencia, the “TIDES OF CHANGE”, which was the beginning of our efforts over the past year to harness the power of art to raise awareness of environmental degradation and injustice.  Author bell hooks reminds us that “...The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is—it’s to imagine what is possible.”  

SKY is the culmination of The Drawing Room’s exhibition series at 780 Valencia Street about the environment, following LAND, Adaptations, and our current show, SEA.  In these exhibitions, we ask artists to think about the following questions: What is possible? How have you, as an artist, been impacted by environmental degradation and climate change?   How are you impacting the environment in your art practice and daily existence? How can your work and art communicate awareness and the specific needs for change? What is/are your call/s to action? 

Art can impress upon us in a way that data and graphs often fail to and can appeal to our senses and engage us cognitively in new ways. We are asking artists to bring works that will create an impression and create impact. 

The upcoming SKY exhibition will take place February 18- March 26, 2023 at 780 Valencia Street. This local call to Bay Area artists will combine TWO curatorial approaches: both a “salon style” inclusive portion as well as a site specific and multimedia call.  This is actually TWO open calls with two separate submission forms. This exhibition will be a hybrid of our previous exhibitions of both Adaptations: LAND, and our other open calls for art in that we will hope to include most submissions; however, we will be limiting which areas of the gallery will host the salon style submissions with the goal of allowing as many artists as possible to participate within a limited space.  Thus it will be imperative that artists carefully follow and stay within the parameters of the call. 


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