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Drawing Room SF

A Path's Journey

A Path's Journey

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Renee DeCarlo
A Path’s Journey
Mixed media on hollow core doors.
$3,000 each

(All proceeds go directly to The Drawing Room's Understudy Program)

My work is what I consider to be a form of life drawing and begins in the recording of precise physical moments in time; the bumps in the road, the turbulence in the airplane, and the chaotic patterns that people move in around me. I’m a map-maker; documentarian and translator of my own physical experience through time and space; documenting mundane and possibly repetitious moments that often go unrecognized or considered important, yet are part of collective experience.

 I’m constantly inspired by humanity and the vulnerabilities we each have and work through to manage our daily existence. I’ve currently been most affected by the ways in which we perceive our connections to others and the impacts we each have. During COVID, I began to incorporate spheres into my works representing the “bubbles” and “isolation” that people were describing their states of being. During a time when crisis and danger threatened all of humanity, the disregard of our collective connections to one another started to affect me deeply. I believe we each carry a ripple as we move through life, which can be a beautiful or disastrous thing.

Renée DeCarlo (b. 1972) is an abstract painter and process based artist. Originally from the Northwest, Renée has lived all across the US, landing in San Francisco in 2003. She holds an MFA in Ceramic Sculpture from the University of Oregon, though has worked primarily in drawing since finishing her studies. Renée has exhibited her work in galleries, museums, corporate and healthcare environments, and has a number of commissions and large works in private residences and corporate headquarters. Renée currently works out of her studio and gallery space, The Drawing Room, located in the Mission District in San Francisco.

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