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Drawing Room SF

Beginnings of Art History

Beginnings of Art History

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Jennifer Ewing

Beginnings of Art History

Paper, pure pigment, chalk, paint, wheat paste, Bronzing powder, paper mache, string, wood


In this mural I am exploring how early humans used his/her rocky environments and adapted intimate spaces and surfaces he/she found to accommodate his/her spiritual needs and expressions. An early artist adapted what was found in the rock itself to suggest an animal or symbol that could enhance the chance for survival and raise consciousness around relations to animals, plants and other living things. A cave was adapted and became a sacred space. I want the visitor to feel a shift in perception as they engage with the mural. In my work, that focuses on the spiritual nature of art, I have previously used geology and rock walls as foundations for painting. My interest in petroglyphs and prehistoric rock art is deep.

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