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Studio Renee DeCarlo

Corona Series: Contact Tracing Week 11

Corona Series: Contact Tracing Week 11

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I began this series immediately when the ShelterInPlace orders went into effect in March. I process my life experiences through art-making and layer my thoughts and feelings into each piece. As isolation, uncertainty and fear took hold of life - and the wave of human suffering consumed many of us whole, I put it all into each of these pieces - week by week, layer by layer. During this time, many friends and relatives had traveled or were in the process of getting from one place to another - having been stranded elsewhere during SIP. Concerns and precautions still not totally clear as to how COVID is transmitted, so flying and staying in hotels and such were considered risky business.   

The imagery of a globe has become infused in my works since this summer when I was invited to create a public mural. The concept of our connectivity - the overlap and reflection of ourselves onto each other pervades my thoughts and therefore, has become infused into this series. 

Each piece is 24"x24"x2", ink and pigment on wood panel. 

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