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Drawing Room SF



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Jenny Wantuch


Acrylic on canvas

20" X 16" X 1.25"



Being present, and drawing or painting what I see and feel in front of me is everything! I have a life-long love story with the natural world. My interest in environmental issues was the main reason I pursued a degree in chemistry, and later worked as an environmental engineer in the pharmaceutical industry. Today, I pursue my passion for the natural environment, and human interaction with nature through my art.

My fascination with nature, the psychology behind human behavior, and my love for experimenting with paint is the driving force to keep on creating. My subject matter is mainly the human condition, urban and natural landscapes. The human form appears frequently as a solitary figure in these environments. I go out in nature and paint en plein air, and I study the human form from live models.

I am especially drawn to reflective expressions of the human figure. I am particularly interested in using colors to communicate different emotions. My goal is to create paintings that celebrate the beauty in our natural environment, illuminates the problematic relationship between humans and nature, and to attempt to evoke introspection in the viewer.

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