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Drawing Room SF

Drew Students Self Portraits

Drew Students Self Portraits

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Drew Students Self Portraits
Grades 10-12, Drew School
Pencil on Bristol Board
Framed 20" x 20" each (submitting 4- total dimensions 50" x 50"
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Mindfulness & Self-Care – A Self-Portrait Project [] Can an art project deliver respite from our daily thoughts and concerns, especially during the pandemic? Working on something upside down using a grid to work on one small section at a time, gave students a sustained escape from all else. The approach, used by many image makers, is to let go of any preconceived or symbolic ways of rendering to open one’s perception to the realities of form, observing with true “objectivity” the lines, values, shapes and textures. Turning the image upside down and focusing only on small isolated areas, interrupts the normal perception allowing the brain to process information without “naming” it. As the pandemic challenged our prior expectations of school as a goals-oriented place, this self-portrait project provided unexpected peace, focus and containment to students. It provided respite. In the end, this project also provided a snapshot of students during this historic time.
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