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Drawing Room SF

From here to there and back again

From here to there and back again

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“From here to there and back again”

Ink, pigment, encaustic, nails and paper on cardboard box




Growing up in a small town, I never experienced the cardboard recycling systems of major cities until I visited NYC and then lived in Washington DC. I was so fascinated by the enormity of cardboard - it’s prevalence and necessity in our daily lives. This of course was over 20 years ago, before online shipping and the ridiculous overabundance of this product which is typically used one time and then tossed to landfill or a recycling program. Cardboard as a surface to draw on or build with is an amazing material to work with.

The surface of this piece is made from accumlated “drip drawings” which are nailed to the box in a gridded pattern. From there, I dripped encaustic over the surface and around the drawings to build up a lattice of texture and structure to paint and draw on with oil sticks.

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